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Curiosity Revived the Cat: Exploring the most important trait for patient communication and career fulfillment

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Dental professionals are feeling discontent, losing sight of their purpose, or simply giving up because they can’t figure out how to get what they want.  That’s where we need to stop and tap into our curiosity.  We are born curious, but at some point, along the way, we learn that curiosity gets us in trouble.  We stop asking why, put our heads down, and focus on “getting it done.”  In that space, we start to lose connection with our profession, our patients, our team, and ourselves.  We fall into victim mode and forget what we are all about.  This course will explore skills to deal with stress, how to communicate in difficult situations, motivational interviewing, and more.  We will travel down the five pathways to get curious about: ourselves, our profession, our education, our patients, and lastly, our team. Learning how to tap into our power of curiosity to ignite our patients, practice, profession, and us! Discovering that curiosity actually revived that cat!

Course Objectives:

  • Identify actionable steps to elevate your career in dentistry
  • Evaluate and enhance communication skills
  • Investigate the power of “Why” and the patient experience
  • Discuss ways to complete the stress cycle
  • Apply the awareness wheel model to confidently navigate difficult conversations

About the Presenter

Amanda likes to describe her career in dental hygiene as an adventure. Growing up in and then marrying into the military, she has had the opportunity to experience life and dentistry all over the world. Through her adventures around the world, she became obsessed with finding ways to continue her education and stay current and in connection with the dental industry. She is an enthusiastic speaker, innovative consultant, and award-winning author. Amanda strives to make topics in dentistry accurate, accessible, and fun!

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