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Oral Cancer: What We Know and What’s New
Oral Cancer: What We Know and What’s New


April is oral cancer awareness month, but oral healthcare providers should be aware of oral cancer and precancerous lesions year-round and at every patient visit. This presentation will start by providing a brief overview of the components of a comprehensive extraoral and intraoral examination that are necessary to first identify any lesion or abnormality. Clinical features of suspicious lesions and when to refer and to the appropriate specialists will then be discussed. The presentation will conclude with updates including the latest staging system for oral cancer and new technologies for oral cancer detection.


Course Objectives:

  • Review the comprehensive extraoral and intraoral examination procedure to detect oral lesions
  • Discuss the clinical features of suspicious oral lesions
  • Describe when to refer and the appropriate specialist
  • Provide updates on oral cancer grading and staging
  • Provide an overview of new technologies for detection of oral cancer

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