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Evergreen case acceptance — not as far as the end of the rainbow
Evergreen case acceptance — not as far as the end of the rainbow

Dental practices don’t need to hope for the Luck of the Irish for patients to understand their treatment needs. The evergreen value of intraoral cameras is proven daily by dental practitioners.

The power of visual communication

Patients rarely accept treatment on talk alone, instead saying they will “think about it” as they walk out of your practice with a treatment plan in hand. A few patients will call to schedule treatment and many you won’t see again until their 6-month preventative care appointment where you again discuss treatment needs. Displaying an intraoral image on the screen to allow the patient to see what you see has been proven to increase case acceptance.

Show patients their dental health is more than luck

As dental providers we do what is best for the patient and intraoral imaging helps to visualize and create the value of treatment in the eyes of patients. It is difficult to invest a large amount of money into something you can not physically see or even sometimes feel. When the fracture or decay is communicated visually with clear intraoral photos, and the patients can better understand the risks of delaying recommended treatment, it prompts action.

Are you making evergreen use of your intraoral cameras?

A survey in 2020 by Dental Economics found 92% of dental practices use intraoral cameras, however only 37% state they use them on every patient. Use of an intraoral camera ranges depending on the dental practice you speak with. Some use it only for insurance claim support, others only with patient education and other use it to display

The most successful users have an intraoral camera in each operatory for quick and easy use. If dental team members have to embark on a treasure hunt to locate the only camera in the office, they usually won’t. Accessibility is key to use, and affordable technology—like the MouthWatch intraoral camera—makes it possible to have one in each operatory without spending a fortune. The Dental Economics survey states dentists reported over $7300 per month in additional revenue generated by showing patients intraoral images.

Benefits for All

Educating patients and using images for insurance claim support are just a few ways that dental practices are increasing revenue potential. Patients are now able to see what you are explaining and treatment planning, rather than trying to imagine. You help them understand the value of proposed treatment to prevent long-term and more costly damage. Let your use of intraoral cameras light the way.

Questions? We have answers.

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