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Kintegra Health: Enhancing Access to Comprehensive Healthcare
Kintegra Health: Enhancing Access to Comprehensive Healthcare

In 1989, Gastonia, North Carolina saw the birth of Kintegra Health as a response to a pressing

issue: an uninsured population heavily relying on emergency departments for primary care.

Since then, Kintegra’s core mission has been to offer all patients comprehensive healthcare

services, including crucial dental care, regardless of their financial status.

Addressing Healthcare Disparities

Dealing with a patient base where more than half are covered by Medicaid, alongside self-pay

and privately insured folks, Kintegra faced a big challenge. They needed to provide high-quality

yet affordable care to those without adequate coverage. This became an even bigger challenge

during the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing Kintegra Health to think outside the box and find new

ways to enhance its healthcare services.

Innovating Amidst Crisis

In 2020, amidst the pandemic’s upheaval, Kintegra Health embraced a transformative step by

integrating MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras into their workflows, marking a pivotal moment in

their commitment to innovative healthcare. This initiative found its roots in their mobile dental

units, championed by dedicated public health hygienists who recognized the potential of

integrating intraoral imaging into their services.

The introduction of MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras significantly enhanced the efficiency of their

diagnostic processes. The images taken with MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras helped to facilitate

near-real-time communication between dental and medical providers, closing the loop on patient

referrals and expediting access to care, especially for patients in acute pain.

Revolutionizing Patient Care

The integration of innovative solutions across their teams sparked a transformative shift in

Kintegra Health’s approach to patient care. These advancements not only optimized their

workflow but also aided in enhancing communication between medical and dental professionals

through clear intraoral images. This transformation underscores Kintegra’s unwavering

commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare to all, regardless of location and financial


As a federally qualified health center, Kintegra Health stands as an exemplar for healthcare

institutions, setting the benchmark for accessible and holistic healthcare provision. Their

integration of MouthWatch cameras into their workflow serves as a testament to the power of

innovation in revolutionizing patient care and breaking down barriers to healthcare access