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Leveraging Clinical Messaging with Teledentistry Can Create a Successful Patient Journey
Leveraging Clinical Messaging with Teledentistry Can Create a Successful Patient Journey

When the pandemic first began, practices were forced to close and dental offices had to quickly find a way to stay connected to their patients. Many turned to apps like FaceTime or Zoom as the federal government temporarily relaxed HIPAA standards and indicated that they would waive penalties for violations. However, implementing a HIPAA-compliant platform designed for dentistry, like TeleDent by MouthWatch, allows for an expanded workflow and long-term solution.

Safe and Secure

TeleDent allows your patients, your team members and external providers to communicate and share health information effortlessly within a secure HIPAA-compliant environment. ņWhile federal guidelines were relaxed, that wasn’t necessarily the case for state regulations, which made the need for dental professionals to protect the security of their patients and their practice even more apparent.

Comprehensive Patient Records

Beyond security concerns, each patient encounter delivered through teledentistry creates a record so that you can keep track of each interaction whether it’s clinical messaging, secure video calls or sharing treatment plans. All conversations can be saved within the secure platform, and PHI including images, videos, forms and any other information can be shared through the encrypted portal. All necessary information including treatment plans, chart notes, diagnosis and more can be logged into the patient appointment. It makes sharing and interacting convenient and secure.

Teledentistry gained traction during the lockdowns because it was a safe and easy way to keep in contact with patients. Now that a year has passed and practices are re-opening and returning to a new routine, teledentistry has become an integral part of many dental offices. The ability to stay connected to your patients is important, but having a method to do so that is secure and safe for both parties is crucial. Protect your patients and your practice while providing quality care during and beyond a pandemic.

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