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Quick Tips: 5 Reasons You Need an Intraoral Camera
Quick Tips: 5 Reasons You Need an Intraoral Camera

In case you’re still on the fence about getting an intraoral camera, we’re going to quickly run through five big reasons you need to pick one up today.

Increasing treatment case acceptance

You know the old saying; a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a picture of tooth decay is worth a big ‚”hell yes‚” from patients. People are not used to seeing their teeth so up close and personal, and when they do it’s sometimes shocking to them. For a patient, visually seeing an oral abnormality will automatically trigger them to want to move forward with treatment.

Patient Education

This one will really speak to the hygienists out there. Patient education is such a huge part of a hygienist’s day. You can talk about flossing all day long though, and no one seems to care. However, when you show a patient a picture of a bridge of calculus all along their teeth, they will perk up and start listening. Patients who are more aware of their oral condition are more likely to follow through with homecare instructions.

Higher Insurance Acceptance

All of you insurance coordinators will feel me when we say dental insurances can be a pain. Getting insurance companies to understand the treatment recommendations and actually pay for services is like pulling teeth (pun intended). There are cases though where the dental insurance consultant can’t visually see the reason for treatment. By attaching a clear intraoral photo of the tooth prior to treatment, we are seeing a huge difference in insurance claim approval.

Tracking Progress

Tracking progress is crucial for dental professionals. We track periodontal pockets, recession, monitor existing restorations, watch fracture lines, the list goes on and on. So much of what we do as dental professionals relies heavily on tracking progression for a patient to help them achieve good oral health. By enlisting the help of a quality intraoral camera, you can more easily track progress while engaging your patient to take an active role in their health by knowing exactly what’s going on.

High Tech

Why do we need intraoral cameras? Plain and simple ‚- it’s cool. Patients definitely take notice of innovative technology and have higher trust in healthcare providers that value their practice enough to invest in it. It’s exciting to have a new patient that transferred from an old school style office. They are so impressed by all the technology a high-tech office utilizes, and they know it’s all there to help us take care of their needs.

Seeing really is believing and whether the photos are for patients, team members or for insurance companies, there are so many reasons to start snapping pictures at each dental visit.

Ready? You’re in the right place to find a great intraoral camera.

Questions? We have answers.

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