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Pediatric Teledentistry
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Teledentistry has been an important contributor in driving the post-pandemic recovery of dental practices by helping them evolve quickly from urgent care to full-service care.

This is especially evident in pediatric dentistry, where the technology has proven to be especially well-suited to provide quality patient care throughout the COVID recovery process to a patient demographic that is at the same time, specific and diverse.

Pediatric dentistry is typically centered around meeting the needs of both the patient and guardian. Pediatric teledentistry also needs to meet the needs of both parties for reduced stress and better patient outcomes.

Our free white paperon pediatric teledentistry explores the many benefits and the powerful potential of teledentistry through a pediatric prism. It explains how implementing this technology can dramatically change the oral and systemic health of children for the better.

We also provide an overview of how to evaluate and select a professional-grade teledentistry platform that will best serve your patients, their guardians, and your practice. Download it here.

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