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Tipisodes with Eden Ivie on A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast
Tipisodes with Eden Ivie on A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Need some listening material while you’re at home? Here’s our Eden Ivie on 3 podcast “tipisodes” at the A Tale of Two Hygienists. Some of these tips about teledentistry will be relevant when offices re-open.


Tipisode #1: Listen to hear the ways that an intraoral camera can benefit your patients and your practice: Listen here

“Intraoral cameras are the only tool that have been proven to change patient behavior. So when that patient sees that image, they’re able to take ownership for their oral health.”


Tipisode #2: In under 10 minutes, Eden explains what teledentistry is and how it can be used. Listen to see how your practice can benefit from it: Listen here

“We’re not doing anything that we wouldn’t be doing otherwise. We just might be in different locations while we’re doing it.”


Tipisode #3: Eden dives a little deeper into teledentistry talks about the different kinds of opportunities it provides for hygienists to expand their careers. Listen here

“With teledentistry, we can collect clinical data and we can share that directly with the specialist. We might even facilitate a video conference between the patient and the specialist, so they’re having a consult before they ever even leave your office.”

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