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Intraoral Camera Support

Setting up your intraoral camera is quite easy. Depending on your digital x-ray software, there may be a few additional steps in order to configure everything properly.

Step 1: Plug In Your Camera

Your computer will recognize our camera automatically. There are probably no additional drivers needed.

Step 2: Install MouthWatch button Capture Software

Download the software here. Your camera included a set up guide that includes the current password you’ll need in order to complete the installation process. If you can’t find this, contact us with your order number.

Step 3: Configure MouthWatch button Capture

Once installed on a Windows PC, you should see a blue icon in your system tray (the section in the bottom right of your screen that typically has the clock, volume and network icons).

Right click on the blue icon (it will be orange if the camera is not plugged in)

Left click on the name of your imaging software

If there are multiple options, try both or read the below configuration guide for your imaging software.

Step 4: Configure Your Digital Imaging (X-Ray) Software

Select the guide below associated with your imaging software. It will contain step by step instructions to configure any settings.

If you don’t see a guide for your imaging software, please contact our support team via chat and one of our support team members can help you configure everything.

Step 5: Start taking intraoral photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do MouthWatch Cameras work with Windows 10?

Yes. Our cameras work with Windows XP -> Windows 10. 32 bit or 64 bit computers. Our cameras also work with Macs.

Can I plug a MouthWatch camera into an iPad?

No. As there is no USB port or support for powered devices, our camera won’t work directly with an iPad…yet.

Why am I getting a staggered image in the video stream?

Check to see that the “Color Space Compression” is set to YUY2, not MJPG.

How long is the USB cable?

The attached cable is 6 feet. You can extend it up to an additional 6 feet using an extension USB cable.

When I put the sheath on the camera, it gets cloudy. What is the issue?

It’s probably upside down. Make sure you slide the camera in with the lens facing away from the blue tab.

Why is my capture button not working?

First, try to exit and restart the Capture Button Software. If that doesn’t work, make sure your x-ray software is selected. If that doesn’t work, chat with us or call 877-544-4342.

What does the camera warranty cover?

In general, the warranty covers defects in the camera not problems from misuse or accidental breakage. However, if you have any issue with camera, including after 1 year, please contact us. See warranty details.

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