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Digital Marketing for Dentists

Running a practice is running a business. Direct work with patients makes up just a portion of the effort that goes into starting, maintaining, and [...]


Taking a Patient-First Approach to Enhance Your Dental Practice Marketing

Effective marketing is an essential part of doing business. This holds true for dental practices, as much as any other business or organization. While knowing [...]


Strategies to Increase Dental Case Acceptance Rates

Achieving and maintaining a high dental case acceptance rate is an ongoing challenge for many dental practices. The risk of rejection after investing in a [...]


Where are the Jobs in Teledentistry?

March 11, 2021

The rapid adoption of teledentistry combined with patient satisfaction and demand has created opportunity for dental professionals. Amongst the most searched dentistry jobs is “teledentistry [...]


Taking the Scare Out of Practice Ownership with Intraoral Cameras

October 30, 2020

Ever wonder why some dental practices always seem busy and excel where others are struggling to keep a full schedule? Top producing dental offices say [...]


What will patients ask you about teledentistry? What will they want from your teledentistry platform?

April 27, 2020

The word “teledentistry” might not be the first word that pops into a patient’s mind. While dental professionals have coalesced around the word “teledentistry” to [...]

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