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Dayna Johnson Webinar

Maximize Your Potential: Practical Ergonomic and Wellness Strategies for Dental Professionals

December 14, 2023
7 p.m. ET

This course is designed to teach dental professionals and desk workers strategies to prevent injury, reduce pain, and optimize practitioner well-being.

On-Demand Webinars

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Revolutionizing Oral Systemic Health: The Impact of Mobile Programs and Teledentistry

Join us for an informative webinar about the transformative potential of mobile programs and teledentistry in enhancing oral systemic health through alternative models.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Harmonizing Infection Prevention Practices with Modern Dental Technology

Join us for an informative webinar that delves into the critical aspects of infection control in the dental setting, focusing on modern technology’s challenges.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Curiosity Revived the Cat: Exploring the most important trait for patient communication and career fulfillment

This course will explore skills to deal with stress, how to communicate in difficult situations, motivational interviewing, and more. We will travel down the five pathways to get curious about: ourselves, our profession, our education, our patients, and lastly, our team.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Every Choice Matters: Strategies and Insights for Better Dental Ergonomics

A profound number of dental professionals are experiencing chronic pain, injury, disability, and early retirement. This course will present solid ergonomic principles and science-based ergonomic evidence.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Assessing Airways at Dental Appointments with Intraoral Cameras: A Step by Step Overview

Healthy breathing is critical to optimal oral and overall health. Join in as we discuss intra/extra oral imaging that the dental team can use for patient education and screening for airway health and sleep-disordered breathing.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Why HD Intraoral Imaging Matters: Open up and See… Ah!

Are you comfortable with your image capturing technique? This course will introduce tips and tricks for obtaining quality images, as well as an in-depth discussion of the why, when, and how to use intraoral cameras 

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Three Key Elements to Closing More Cases

Join Dayna Johnson, founder and CEO at Novonee, the premier Dentrix community, for an introduction for Dentrix users on how practice management software integrated with teledentistry can be leveraged every day for both patient and practice wins.

An Introduction to Myofunctional Therapy and the Benefit of Teledentistry

This is a 60-minute webinar designed to give participants an overview of the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and how it can be practiced utilizing telehealth technology. 

Expanding Excellence in Oral Cancer Screening with the “Cotten Method™” and Teledentistry

Consequences of an incomplete oral and oropharyngeal cancer evaluation, inadequate documentation, and delayed referrals can result in increased liability, delayed diagnosis, lives lost. This course is designed to increase confidence in screening. 

Applying for the FCC Covid-19 Telehealth Program for Teledentistry

Dr. Nathan Suter joins MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman to discuss how to apply to the FCC Telehealth Program successfully and how MouthWatch solutions funded by the program can help public health and other eligible organizations deliver improved oral health care and dental care during Covid—and beyond.

Teledentistry for What's Next: Mitigating Risk and Successfully Navigating a New Normal

Dr. Scarlett will be joined by MouthWatch CEO, Brant Herman, who will look at the ways teledentistry can provide flexible workflows and business innovation to help dental practices adapt and navigate their own path in a new landscape.

How to Make Teledentistry Part of a Safer Hygiene Workflow

Dental practices are trying to find practical strategies and solutions to get back to serving patients, safely. In this webinar, Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, will look at why hygienists should be expecting teledentistry as part of the strategy for safely re-opening.

Teledentistry: 7 Opportunities Across Your Dental Business

Teledentistry has traditionally been implemented primarily in non-traditional dental settings, then COVID hit and the growth of professionals offering teledentistry for patients soared. The public and professional acceptance of teledentistry means it’s become important to consider for dental providers across the country.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

The ROI of Teledentistry: Taking the Mystery Out of Billing for Virtual Visits

Learn the common coding mistakes and opportunities in regards to teledentistry encounters along with use case scenarios and leave more confident in your coding ability and understanding of the potential a virtual visit brings to your practice.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Oral Cancer: What We Know and What’s New

April is oral cancer awareness month, but oral healthcare providers should be aware of oral cancer and precancerous lesions year-round and at every patient visit.

Dayna Johnson Webinar

Teledentistry and HIPAA: Safeguarding Patient Data in a Virtual World

Perhaps you’ve felt the shift since COVID-19 exploded in 2020. Team retention, navigating supply chain interruptions, and evading cyber thieves remain top concerns for dental practices. This webinar discusses teledentistry and how to safeguard patient data in a virtual world.

An Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine, Why it Matters, and the Role Telehealth Can Play

This webinar will introduce clinicians to dental sleep medicine, why it matters, and the role telehealth can play in successful treatment. Dr. Levi will review the screening process for obstructive sleep apnea along with signs and symptoms of OSA.

Successfully Coordinating Complex Dental Cases with Teledentistry

This webinar will explore the utilization of teledentistry to create a virtual Electronic Collaborative Organizational-System (ECO-System) in which dental clinical teams and laboratory technicians can effectively communicate and thrive.

Why Resilient Practices Will Use Teledentistry

Moving forward, dental practices need to find strategies for resilience, and teledentistry will be a key addition. Re-closing and re-opening remains a possibility in some local areas. Teledentistry can provide both continuity of care and effective tactics for mitigating risk while elevating patient experience.

Patient Assessment via Synchronous Teledentistry: Clinical Techniques Overview with Dr. Scott Howell

During this presentation, Scott Howell, DMD, MPH will provide clinical overview for best practices for teledentistry oral evaluations, including with pediatric patients.

5 Examples of Teledentistry Transforming Private Practices

MouthWatch will provide an overview of the current applications and implementations of teledentistry technology, ranging from public health to private practice settings, to remote supervision and interprofessional collaboration uses.

Navigating and Creating Opportunity with Teledentistry

Teledentistry is a rapidly growing aspect of the dental field to engage and provide continual care to patients. Teledentistry is a billable service and rapid adoption of legislation and reimbursement has made this possible. This course will discuss the opportunity teledentistry can bring to your practice.

Teledentistry - A Path For Innovative Practice Models

Learn how teledentistry technology opens doors and opportunities for dentists, hygienists and providers across a wide range of care settings.

Teledentistry Options to Protect Your Patients, Your Team and Your Practice

Brant Herman, CEO of MouthWatch will discuss the range of applications for teledentistry during the COVID-19 outbreak. Michelle Strange, RDH will review infection control procedures and everything the entire office team should know to ensure the safety of the entire team and their patients.

Teledentistry Introduction For Dental Hygienists

In this webinar we share more information on teledentistry, your state practice act, innovative care models and the TeleDent teledentistry platform.

Navigating Billable Evaluations with Teledentistry During COVID

Join MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman as he discuses navigating billable evaluations with Teledentistry during COVID.