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Every Choice Matters: Strategies and Insights for Better Dental Ergonomics

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A profound number of dental professionals are experiencing chronic pain, injury, disability, and early retirement. By facing the ergonomic realities of the practice of dentistry, this course will present solid ergonomic principles and science-based ergonomic evidence that will guide attendees to truly understand the mechanics of MSD’s, learn the cost of injury and discover why and what can be done to reduce workplace challenges, enhance wellness and extend career longevity.


  • Explore the current studies related to dental ergonomics

  • Recognize the risks for work-related injuries impacting the dental profession

  • Appreciate the role of neutral posture in reducing ergonomic challenges

About the Presenter

Cindy Purdy is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS) who specializes in improving the health and performance of dental professionals through creating safe in-office workstations. Cindy is a nationally known speaker and is the creator and force behind THRIVE! a Wellness and Therapeutic Summit for Dental Professionals.

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