Bullet Points for Infection Control

Key bullet points on infection control from a member of our COVID-19 response advisory team, Michelle Strange, RDH. Michelle also discussed infection control in-depth during our webinar.

  • Find your instructions for use for your equipment
  • Find IFUs for your cleaning products
  • Refer to LIST N for EPA approved products for COVID-19
  • Break our your OSHA, Standard Operating Procedures, and Hazard communications manuals
    • Use this time to update and confirm you are doing everything to break the chain of infection
  • Are you running quality assurance for your instrument processing?
  • If seeing emergency patients, be sure to use a rubber dam and high volume evacuation.
  • Remove unnecessary items from your waiting area and operatory
  • Open doors if seeing emergency patients to limit how many surfaces they touch from entering building to sitting in the chair.
  • Use barrier wraps where you can especially with your technology that will be difficult to clean and disinfect.
    • Please confirm your disinfectant is used for this pandemic with the EPA link above

Michelle Strange, RDH

Michelle is a practicing dental hygienist, surgical assistant, adjunct faculty member, and clinical educator for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc. She feels the most important part of her career is the volunteer work she does in her community and globally. She has been in dentistry since 2000 and believes in life-long learning as a dental hygienist with a strong focus on patient education.