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Be Prepared, Stay Open
Be Prepared, Stay Open
Dr. Heinrichs, Dental Economics, October 2019

Full article at Dental Economics

Teledentistry is often not what dentists think it is, so we’ve made it part of our mission to map out the wide terrain of use cases for telehealth technology in dental and oral health care.

For instance, teledentistry is not solely (or even primarily!) patient-facing or”DIY” at home dentistry.

And teledentistry solutions are not limited to helping reach rural or underserve populations (though they do).

Here’s Dr. Heinrichs introducing her eye-opening article at Dental Economics:

It may not be how you think teledentistry is typically implemented, but it can be a very effective marketing tool. I successfully used this technology to expand beyond the walls of my office to give on-site dental screenings for local companies. We provided an educational service to the community while obtaining high-quality patient referrals to my practice.

Dr. Julia Heinrichs

Dr. Heinrichs outlines how in Kansas she was able to use the following teledentistry delivery innovation together with intraoral cameras to grow and sell her practice:

Here’s the beautiful part: Thanks to teledentistry, corporate on-site screening days were normal days at the office for me. Between appointments, I would reserve some time to sit in my office and perform virtual real-time dental screenings. My dental assistant would be at the participating company’s location using the screening technology to gather and document the patient data. Thanks to the MouthWatch intraoral camera, I had better resolution to see more detail on a tooth than I have with my loupes. 

Dr. Julia Heinrichs

This teledentistry use case is in the “Corporate” category and there are many other ways to deploy a teledentistry solution. Including use of asynchronous and synchronous methods (which each have their own CDT codes). It should be noted that Dr. Heinrichs achieved this success in Kansas which is not in the top tier of teledentistry-friendly states. That’s how adaptable TeleDent can be to different requirements and settings in delivering business innovation.

How teledentistry-friendly is your state for your delivery innovation goals? Schedule a quick, free 15-minute consultation with us to find out.

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