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Creating a Teledentistry Coordinator to Drive Success
Creating a Teledentistry Coordinator to Drive Success

Dental offices want to operate as a finely tuned machine, with every team member working in unison. In an engine, every part has a special purpose to make it work together as a whole. Each role in a dental office is the same. While individuals have different roles, each of those has a specialty that they are an expert in to make the practice run smoothly. For example, the dental hygienist is rarely an expert in insurance and marketing. Having a dedicated team member who is the teledentistry go-to person to take ownership of the implementation is key.

A Front Office Team Member is a Logical Choice

The front office is the first contact point for patients. In most cases, the front office also conducts the initial patient interview because they need to determine what to schedule the appointment for and for how long, and in some practices with which doctor. Are they coming to the office as a new patient for an emergency or establishing a new dental home? How can they fit an emergency patient into an already full schedule? Front office is the first point of contact not only in triage and billing but also in patient relations. Transitioning a front office team member into a teledentistry coordinator can help the practice itself transition into a productive teledentistry workflow.

What Goals Can a Teledentistry Coordinator Set for Themselves and the Team?

During the implementation phase of TeleDent, the Teledentistry Coordinator could set themselves these kinds of goals:

  • Every team member has completed the courses at
  • All patients have been added to TeleDent
  • The patient list has been emailed announcing the availability of teledentistry services and features like messaging, visual treatment plans and the patient portal.
  • There is an easy way on your practice website to start the virtual consult scheduling process
  • The first virtual consult with a patient has been completed
  • The first billing for a virtual consult has happened
  • The first visual treatment plan has been sent

Learn More? Have a Story to Share?

As a TeleDent subscriber you can access live orientation meetings with a MouthWatch Teledentistry Specialist to learn more. See your welcome and training emails for more information.

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