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TeleDent Can Help You Respond to Patient Emergencies
TeleDent Can Help You Respond to Patient Emergencies

Teledentistry Options to Respond to General Patient Emergencies

Every clinician and practice will have a unique set of circumstances to consider and will take varied approaches. Here are some highlights of how teledentistry can help your practice respond to patients’ emergencies.


Use a patient portal to offer clinical expertise and the ability to share diagnostic information without patients having to travel to the office during an emergency.


Use secure 2-way patient messaging to quickly connect with patients and screen them before scheduling an in-office visit.


Use secure live video to provide quick virtual consultations or more in-depth screenings to evaluate a patient’s condition .


Use cloud-based exam and patient data sharing to improve intra-office communication. For group practices or specialists, communicate and share information with other providers over the cloud to efficiently evaluate and formulate treatment options.


Use a browser-based teledentistry solution combined with an intraoral camera to allow non-dental or essential staff to send diagnostic imagery and patient details to remote care providers for evaluation.

All these capabilities are available in TeleDent. Schedule a conversation and demo with a MouthWatch teledentistry specialist to learn more about how TeleDent can help you respond to patient emergencies and drive real differences for your patients, doctors, and dental business.

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