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In-Office Teledentistry Workflow
In-Office Teledentistry Workflow

Teledentistry became an essential tool for many practices during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While offices were closed, providers were still able to offer care to their patients virtually. As offices begin to re-open, teledentistry can continue to help practices and create a resilient workflow in-office.

Front Office

Communicate pre-appointment information, paperwork, and follow-up scheduling to reduce front office interaction. Patients can also wait in their car and be notified it’s time for their appointment.


Patients receive hygiene care by the dental hygienist. Hygienist captures new diagnostic data, such as intraoal photos, x-rays, charting and updated patient info for in-office teledentistry review by dentist either synchronously or asynchronously.

Virtual Exams

The dentist reviews and performs evaluations of clinical data captured by hygienist separately in-office, preserving PPE, and can either have a live virtual consult with patient in chair or send a digital case presentation / visual treatment plan to the patient later.

Visual Treatment Plans

Through a secure patient portal, dentists digitally share a visual treatment plan with the patient post-appointment. They can attach a video of themselves providing a case presentation or schedule a live video consultation to discuss treatment options.

Efficient Chair Time

With chair time not being used for appointment needs that can be met via patient portal communication and live video consults, dentists can focus on productive chair use for treatment needs. Face-to-face patient interactions, without the barriers of PPE, are retained via live video consults.

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