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Dental Educators are Adapting in the Face of Change — and MouthWatch is Providing Solutions
Dental Educators are Adapting in the Face of Change — and MouthWatch is Providing Solutions

Dental programs are faced with the dual challenge of how to ensure students are meeting clinical requirements while scrambling to adapt policies to simply ensure continued learning.

In-person clinics and meetings may be giving way to a new alternative learning experience for both students and faculty.

MouthWatch is offering solutions to help dental education programs looking to implement effective distance learning models. Meaningful faculty and student interactions and feedback are key to learning in dentistry and acquiring a quality education and a complete skill set. Teledentistry combined with intraoral cameras can deliver meaningful learning interactions whether in use in remote learning or on-campus.

Flexible Solutions for Learning

The TeleDent platform allows for person-to-person and group interactions. Utilizing a teledentistry platform for interaction allows students to practice skills on a typodont or immediate household member while documenting the process and outcome with an intraoral camera.

The supervising faculty is able to review and provide guidance via either live video feedback or messaging.

A key feature of the TeleDent platform for dental education objectives is the ability to display both an intraoral camera video feed and the webcam feed in the same video conference — enhancing distance learning with live educational training. A student could be using the intraoral camera while in video chat with faculty, or faculty could be showing a live intraoral video feed (or other clinical imaging) to a remote student to reach a learning objective.

Enriching Learning, for Now and the Long Term

Integrating TeleDent and MouthWatch cameras into curriculum and learning strategies will make sense even when dental schools are back to regular sessions on campus. These are the tools that dental professionals will be adopting, and teledentistry combined with intraoral cameras will give schools greater flexibility in delivering instruction while enriching the student learning experience.

For early program learners it can be used to simply navigate the oral cavity to enhance learning by assigned tasks. In a clinical setting later in the education program, teledentistry can be used as an evaluation tool to decrease person-to-person contact between patients and faculty. No matter the year of the program, faculty can assign student tasks and evaluate the outcome with TeleDent and affordable MouthWatch intraoral cameras.

Learn How MouthWatch Can Help Your .Edu

To learn more and discuss the way MouthWatch solutions can be part of your dental program, explore our solutions for dental education. Together, dental programs and MouthWatch can change the way dental education evolves.

Questions? We have answers.

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