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Taking Your Myofunctional Therapy Program Virtual With Teledentistry
Taking Your Myofunctional Therapy Program Virtual With Teledentistry

Dentists and dental hygienists are finding success implementing teledentistry as part of their myofunctional therapy program. A program, such as TeleDent by MouthWatch, provides dental professionals the ability to stay connected with patients near and far and expand your potential reach and practice growth opportunity.

Myofunctional Practices

Oral myofunction disorders affect a wide variety of patients, as a result the popularity and adoption myofunctional therapy is increasing. Programs, exercises and evaluations are adopted to focus on the muscles of the cheeks, lips, tongue and face to aide with eating, speech and airway function. The potential to increase frequency and follow-up utilizing teledentistry to ensure patient success. As a result of your investment in a teledentistry program allows the ability to treat more patients with less time in the office.

Enhanced Business Models

Many orthodontists, general dentists and hygienists are implementing a myofunctional therapy program as part of their integrated treatment. Many dental providers experiencing practice growth in their myofunctional therapy programs are implementing teledentistry to expand hours and reach to patients where it is convenient for them and reducing the travel burden. As a result practices are gaining patients as the

Dental providers are creating customized plans for each patient, evaluations and treatment presentations are performed all via teledentistry. The time and cost savings on PPE and room turnover allows for more chair time being reserved for restorative and hands-on procedures.

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