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Teledentistry by State: Quick Facts Interactive Map
Teledentistry by State: Quick Facts Interactive Map

A New Resource from MouthWatch

MouthWatch has compiled quick facts on teledentistry across all 50 states (and DC). These are from a variety of state board and state regulation sources. You should look at your state board resources on teledentistry and understand applicable telehealth, telemedicine and teledentistry laws for your particular setting. We also offer a free consultation for dental professionals or dental organizations looking to understand further how teledentistry with MouthWatch TeleDent can be deployed to meet their dental care goals.

What States Allow Teledentistry?

“What states allow is for the most part the wrong question to ask since teledentistry is not an on or off switch. If you are a dentist or other dental professional, a better question to ask is, “How can I work within my state parameters to use telehealth technology effectively?” Some states incorporate dental telehealth under wider telehealth legislation. State Dental Boards have widely varying policies on scope of practice and expanded functions. Reimbursement for telehealth also varies under private payers or public payers such as Medicaid.

Find Quick Facts on Teledentistry in Your State

Screenshot of USA Map showing States

MouthWatch has created a reference guide to quick facts on the status of teledentistry regulation in each U.S. state. Find out what level of teledentistry regulations exist in your state, how dental hygienists, dental assistants and expanded function dental professionals (ex. dental therapists) can use teledentistry in your state, if there is public coverage available for telehealth and if payment parity laws are in place.

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