TeleDent Can Help You Respond to COVID-19

Learn how teledentistry can help your practice navigate COVID-19 challenges and beyond.

Teledentistry Options to Protect Your Patients,  Your Team and Your Practice

Every clinician and practice will have a unique set of circumstances to consider and will take varied approaches. Here are quick highlights of teledentistry capabilities that can help your practice respond to COVID-19.


Use a patient portal to offer clinical expertise and the ability to share diagnostic information without patients coming into the office.


Use secure 2-way patient messaging to help screen patients before scheduling for an office visit.


Use secure live video to provide virtual consultations or more in-depth screenings.


Use cloud-based exam and patient data sharing to reduce intra-office travel needs. For group practices or specialists, communicate with other providers without travel and without sending physical media in the mail. 


Use a browser-based teledentistry solution combined with an intraoral camera to allow non-dental or essential staff to send diagnostic imagery and patient details to remote care providers for evaluation. 


Offer patients an intraoral camera which can be shipped to them for more thorough clinical evaluation, with images and videos shared through a patient portal.

All these capabilities are available in TeleDent. In response to COVID-19, we’re offering a free 30 day license and waiving all setup fees. You can launch TeleDent at no cost. Training and onboarding for your team is included at no cost also. Use coupon code RESPOND at checkout.

Each TeleDent monthly license includes 10 provider accounts within your group or practice and no limits on patients, messaging, live video or data storage.

To learn more about how MouthWatch TeleDent can help you manage your patient care response to COVID-19 watch the webinar … 

There were over 500 people tuned into the live webinar on a very busy internet day so this recording has occasional audio issues during the first presentation. We will be creating another version with clear audio but didn’t want to delay getting this information out. If you have any questions, please schedule a 15 minute consult/demo.